Practice Suite

Artificial Intelligence (AI) based Doctor Practice Management Solution with built-in E-Prescription, Online Appointment, Online Payment, Patient Profile and much more.

AI-powered E-prescription,

More Use, More Accuracy

Make your practice worthwhile with the Artificial Intelligence driven E-prescription software that can save your time, effort and can increase accuracy by giving drug names (Generic and Brand), storing patients’ information and suggesting possible medication based on your previously prescribed treatments.

Differential Diagnosis

A sequential five step process that finally leads to Disease Indentification.


An Artificial Intelligence driven approach of writing prescription on computer and smartphone.

Drug Interaction

An automatic or manual system to check whether the prescribed drugs interaction causes any adverse effect.

Multi-device support

It can run on both computer and smartphone with internet connection.

Portfolio Website

Full fldged website for doctors as a sub-domain of ‘enzaime.com’ with personal, educational, professional and research information.

User friendly

The UI/UX design is so easy and intelligible to use.

Enzaime 360

Practice Suite Features

  • Secure access to personal digital chamber from any computer with internet access
  • Manage appointments from appointment creation to cancellation, manage appointment time schedule, visiting fees etc
  • Receive visiting fees digitally from personal profile
  • Store each prescription, patient schedules, health profiles automatically
  • Editable prescription interface that looks just like the handwritten ones
  • AI-based suggestions such as- symptoms, medicines, tips etc. in each step of prescribing
  • Option to save frequently used prescriptions as templates to save time.
  • Instant Printing option
  • Option to add, modify or delete doctor’s personal, educational, work based achievements
  • Creating or modifying unlimited number of virtual chambers from one profile
  • Features to include one or more assistants/attendance for management such as creating online appointments, typing e-prescriptions, finding patients records for doctors.

BRAC Health, Nutrition and Population Programme

is one of our most valued clients.

Educational Features

  • Generic Names Directory
  • Brand Name (Medicine) Directory
  • Test/Procedure Directory
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Promotional Features

  • Portfolio Website
  • Website Templates
  • Blogging
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Operational Features

  • E-Prescription (AI Driven)
  • 24/7 Online Appointment Systems
  • Prescription Templates
  • Patient Management
  • Patient Health Profile
  • Telemedicine
  • Schedule Management
  • Group Treatment
  • Patient Billing
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Some frequently

asked questions for you

Check out our frequently asked questions. Let us know if you found the answer to what you were looking for! Please check the following sections to find the answer to your query.

Enzaime is a digital healthcare platform which utilizes technology to empower doctors and patients simultaneously because Enzaime believes the parties are mutually inclusive. No one party can be satisfied without the other. We think to improve the present healthcare condition in Bangladesh, technology can play a pivotal role and Enzaime can offer something to that equation.

As you are a doctor, you know very well that “Enzymes are biological molecules (typically proteins) that significantly speed up the rate of virtually all of the chemical reactions that take place within cells. – Wikipedia”. So, there is no teaching you that and we assure you that the spelling is not a mistake. In ‘Enzaime’, we replaced ‘Y’ with ‘AI’. AI sounds familiar right? Yes, AI means Artificial Intelligence. We used AI in order to modernize and make your practice easier. It will make suggestions during your prescribing process based on your previous inputs to similar symptoms or disease.

You will get an online chamber named Enzaime Practice Suite from which you can treat patients from your house, your office or anywhere you want. You will get an interface upon login from where you can see the appointments, the patient’s symptoms, patient’s personal history, patient’s family history. You can add your qualification, chambers address. You will have access to our e-Prescription system which will enable you to prescribe for your patients more easily than ever because we have integrated two important features with it. One is the huge drug database which will continuously suggest the name of the drugs once you enter the letters of the name. For example, take a look at the image below:

Here you can see that upon typing ‘Nap”, all the drugs' names start with ‘Nap’ have been suggested. You can search for drugs using their generic name and brand name as well. This feature will reduce the possibility of forgetting any drug name. The second most important thing that you will get in the e-Prescription system and we are very proud to present, is the AI which we talked about earlier. This feature will make your differential diagnosis easier. It will help you make the diagnosis accurate. It will reduce the possibility of wrong diagnosis. How? Whenever you prescribe a drug for a patient for any given symptoms, our system will keep track of it and the next time you go to prescribe for a patient who matches completely or partially with this previous patient, the system will give suggestions. This will make your decision making easier and accurate. You will have all the prescription history, print options and you will be able to manage your staff and attendants from the dashboard.

Let us give you the whole scenario in short. When someone gets ill, they go to a professional, a doctor just like you. In order to do that, first they look for a doctor who is from the field of expertise which he/she is suffering from. This process takes time as not everybody knows a doctor personally. So, everybody asks their friends and family as to who they should go to. Still there is a very good chance that he/she will end up going to a doctor who is not going to give a satisfactory experience. And we are not saying that the doctor was bad per se, rather the doctor might not be the best choice for the patient’s condition. We tried to address this issue by arranging a system where a patient can search for a doctor for any given specialties and can make appointments. This appointment will be added to that doctor’s dashboard which he/she will see upon login. The doctor will analyze the patient’s symptoms added during their sign-up process. Doctors will have the option to call the patient at the exact appointment time. Video conferencing will occur and upon completion the doctor will give a prescription which the patient will be able to download. If you consider the whole process you will realize that the single most important thing that we are providing is the opportunity to treat the patients from home or anywhere for that matter. Enzaime’s telemedicine has two unique features that no other company is providing in Bangladesh. Its AI and the video conferencing inside the portal. Others are using messenger, whatsapp, viber, imo etc. We do appreciate their effort but we think having all the features internalized is important. We consider doctor and patient relationships as something very sacred and we try to treat it like one. Our updates come regularly which will ensure the optimum user experience for you and our technical team works tirelessly to solve any problem you face whatsoever. The best part is, it is free of charge now. Use it. Give it a try. If you don’t like it, there are no strings attached. No binding.

After you register with us, we first investigate with the government doctor registry using your doctor BMDC number to check your claim that you are a valid doctor. So, there is no chance to register with us being a fraud.

The portal and practice is yours and yours alone. How much time you should give depends entirely on you. You can confirm and cancel your appointments. This is just like your any other physical chambers, the difference is, you are doing it online.

Internationally, doctors use Laptop or Desktop for their practicing digitally. We also encourage you to use laptop or desktop computers for this purpose. However, you can use a mobile or tablet but you may find it a little uncomfortable.

The payment system is designed in a process where you can put a certain percentage of your fee as advance payment to confirm the appointment. But still, the rest/whole of the consultancy fee will be due on the patient end. Patients will have the payment option activated on their appointment link. They will be able to pay the due payment anytime after they get a successful appointment confirmation.

Inviting a patient for the video conference will be in your control. If the schedule gets delayed or the conference gets terminated from your side because of technical difficulties, you can invite that appointed patient as many times you wish to complete the consultancy.

As a responsible citizen of the country, you should always abide by the rules and regulations of the Government of Bangladesh.

Absolutely! Not only out of Dhaka, you can use it anywhere around the world. If you have internet and an internet compatible device, you can access your E-prescription anytime you want.

Yes, we do and we encourage it to have a personal website for every doctor. But it is a separate service. You will have all the features of this service integrated into that website.

Yes, we do.

We store all the data in a very secured encrypted server which maintains the highest security possible among the industry. We back up every piece of data regularly in case of any technical error. We assure you we know what we are doing.

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